Quarterly Report is designed to specially, and holistically, address the video needs of medical organizations, non-profits, foundations, hospitals, institutions, government agencies, and the like.


We understand the difficulties associated with communicating the qualitative impact of your organization and can help you use storytelling to further your organization’s mission.


Our leaders ran Red Echo Group, an arts-focused non-profit organization in Los Angeles, Kansas City, and New York, for ten years. There, they created video content for hospitals, medical organizations, non-profits and filmmaking education programs for youth and educators.  


Red Echo Group served hundreds of medical and community based organizations and worked with more than 1,800 students and teachers through their filmmaking programs.  Clients included NYU Medical Center, Columbia Medical Center, Habitat Restore, The American Heart Association, Mount Sinai Medical Center, the PKD Foundation, and more.

Engaging Visual Storytelling... 

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